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Absence Management - visualisation

Clear visualisation

Team calendar views are using colors, icons and images to make the visualisation user friendly and easy to understand.

Visualisation of team calendars allows a team leader to clearly see and easily understand what is the current and soon to come sittuation in the team. With ability to use colors and icons to present different presence/absence entries together with images to show national holidays the planner view becomes easy to understand and intuitive.

Rota supporting nightshifts

Different work patterns

Application supports different work patterns allowing to adjust visualisation to needs of certain team.

It does not matter if your team works in a weekly pattern or in a shift pattern with two or three shifts during the day, the application flexibility allows to present the information in alignment with needs of certain team. Different teams in one organization may decide to present calendars completely different.

Organization structure builder

Organization structure builder

Organization structure editor allows reflecting organization tree with no depth limits.

Regardless if your company has one team only or has many departments and towers - organization structure editor allows creating unlimited set of structure levels. In case of big organizations such structure reflection in the application helps in effectively finding certain team calendar.

Absence types

Unlimited leave types

Application does not limit the number of calendar entry types.

Your organization may follow the standard approach of having only holidays and sickness tracking, but the application offers a flexibility of defining and using unlimited set of presence/absence entry types that can be visualised differently. As a team leader you can find your own way of showing calendar entries so it's meaningful for your team.

Bank holidays management

National holidays

Use built-in national holiday calendars to populate team views automatically.

The system offers a set of built-in holiday calendars for different countries. It's possible to assign chosen calendar to a team, but also individually to a chosen employee. As the result members of a team may follow one or different holiday calendars.

Holiday allowances

Holiday allowance

Easily define number of yearly holiday allowance for each team member.

Possibility to define yearly holiday allowance for each team member as well as number of days that can be carried over to the next year with maximum number of days team member may have in point of time. The system will not allow employee to consume more holiday than allowed. Allowance mechanism can be used not only in relation to holidays, but for any other absence category.

Holiday request

Holiday requests and approvals

Each team member can submit a holiday request or a sick leave notice.

Employee can submit a request for any type of planned absences (e.g. holidays). Once such request is submitted a manager of this employee gets an email notification so he can approve or reject the request. Team calendar view is updated accordingly. It's also possible to configure unplanned absences in the system (e.g. sick leave) for which employee submits a notification that results in informing manager and updating team calendar without need of having managers approval.

Work patterns

Work pattern configurator

It's possible to configure different work patterns and attach employees to them.

It's possible to configure unlimited number of work patterns in context of certain team. You can create weekly work pattern or a custom one that can contain any number of days. Work patterns are used to automatically populate team calendar.

Other features


Email notifications whenever your action is required or actions taken by others are important for you.

User grouping

Ability to group users on planner view of single team to clearly divide the team into functional areas.

Access levels

Four access levels to the application: Administrator, Approver, Team member and Guest.

Help pages

Each application functionality is well documented to support users whenever unclear.

Mobile ready

Our application can be accessed from devices of any size - you can use it on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.


We are ready to support multiple languages in the application. Your language missing? Let us know!

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