Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

1. About this Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy provides an explanation what cookies are and how are we using them. We encourage you to read this policy so you are able to understand what type of cookies we use, what kind of information is collected using cookies and how that information is used in our systems. More information about how we process your personal data please read our Privacy Policy.
If you would have any questions related to Cookie Policy please contact us on mailbox.

2. What cookies are?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard drive or in the browser of your computer or mobile device whenever you visit a webpage or a web application. Cookies are used to ensure your experience when browsing our websites and using MakeMyRoster application is better, to remember your preferrences so you don't have to put some details each time asked.
There can be different types of cookies. Some of them are generated by our websites and MakeMyRoster application other may come from third party sites that put cookies on our site. This policy explains in detail cookies we are creating and using.
Each cookie stored in your browser or device has a defined validity time. Cookies used to store the session information are removed from your browser or device whenever you close your browser. There are however cookies that will be kept much longer on your computer until are deleted or until their expiry date will pass.
Ther is only 1 type of cookies that we use on our website and our applications:
2.1. Technical cookies: These cookies are required for our websites and MakeMyRoster application to work as expected. For example whenever you change a language on our website your choice is kept in the cookies. Without being able to use these cookies our websites and MakeMyRoster application will not work as expected.

3. What are the cookies used in our websites and MakeMyRoster application?

Example cookies that are used by our websites and MakeMyRoster application are session, session_adm, lang.
These cookies allow you to log in to some parts of our webpage and MakeMyRoster application, navigate on our sites and set the language settings.
You can opt out of these cookies by changing the settings in your browser Cookie settings. If you decide to block these cookies our website and MakeMyRoster application may not work as expected making you unable to use them.

4. Third party cookies

We are not using any third party cookies.

5. How to delete cookies or change cookie preferences?

In your browser you can setup if you would like to accept cookies or not. The set of available configuration options depends on the browser type you use. Usually browsers offer you the choice of accepting, refusing or deleting cookies generated by webpages you are visiting or cookies used by these websites - for example third party cookies. In some browsers it's possible to setup cookie handling preferrences per website. For more information please reach out to documentation related to cookie settings of the browser you are using.
You can find more information about cookie preferences on:
By blocking cookies used by our website and MakeMyRoster application you may not be able to access some areas of the websites or use some of the functionalities we offer.

6. Changes to this Cookie Policy

This Policy may be updated from time to time. The most recent version is always published on this site.
This Cookie Policy was last updated on 31 August 2018.

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