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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

1. Introduction and definitions.

1.1. We are responsible and commited to protect your privacy. This policy explains why and how we obtain and use your personal data explaining also your rights related to personal data we store and process.

1.2. Phrases "we", "us", "our" used in this policy mean always UniTec entity that can be contacted as per details in "Contact" section of this policy.

2. Scope of personal data collecting and processing.

Use of this site requires personal data processing of a client or partner in the matter explained below in points 2.1 - 2.11. Data will be processed by UniTec in a way that is crucial to agreeing on a contract, as well as its fulfillment. We will process following personal data:

2.1. Contact data: This covers information such as your name, email address. This covers also information related to organization you represent (such as company name, address details and tax ID) required to issue an invoice for MakeMyRoster application subscription payments.

2.2. Payment data: Data required for us to process payments which are mainly transaction ID's. We do not store full credit / debit card information since this is managed by third party payment processor (PayLane). In our system we store only 4 last digits of credit / debit card used for payments to help customers understanding which card is being used for recurring payments.

2.3. Payout data: If you are our partner we would require information allowing us to perform payouts (e.g. PayPal email ID).

2.4. Preferrences data: Information related to your preferrences, whenever it's applicable to services we provide.

2.5. Application data: Data that are collected by MakeMyRoster application according to its purpose (eg. your presence/absence information whenever put into application)

2.6. Activity logs: Data that are logged in relation to your activities in MakeMyRoster application for purpose of later analysis to improve our services or to provide your organization with a trace of who added/removed/updated certain application records. These are also activity logs in customer panel or partner area aiming the same purpose of improving the quality as well as to know who performed certain activities.

2.7. Usage data: We may process data related to your usage of this website and MakeMyRoster application which may consider your IP address, browser type and version, geographical information, operating system, referral information, how long your visit have taken, viewed pages, navigation routes, usage frequency. These data may be captured by our backend processing system. This data can be processed to understand the use of our website and MakeMyRoster application.

2.8. Enquiry data: We may process any information that you put in enquiries send to us. Such data may be processed in relation to offering, marketing and selling services to you or your organization.

2.9. Notification data: Subscription data that are provided by you or your organization in order to receive e-mail notifications and/or newsletters.

2.10. Correspondence data: We may process any information that is send to us by you or your organization. Such correspondence data may consist the content of communication or metadata related to it (eg. that are part of e-mail messages or generated by our communication webforms).

2.11. Traffic data: If you are our partner and you are supporting us in marketing our product we may collect data related to impressions, clicks, leads and sales grouped by websites that generate such figures. If you are our client we may collect the information through which site you have reached us for sake of proper transaction tracking with our affiliates.

3. When your personal data are collected?

The data mentioned in this policy may be collected when one or more of below sittutations happens:

3.1. When you or your organization look for services we offer, especially applications in our portfolio and for that you contact us or visit our webpage.

3.2. When you or your organization submits an enqiry contacting us through our webpage contact form, via email, in person or over the phone.

3.3. When you or your organization are communicating with our systems (eg. when you access our website or MakeMyRoster application).

3.4. When you or your organization puts personal data into our systems.

3.5. When you decide to join our affiliate program.

4. How your personal data will be used?

4.1. To ensure the services we offer are working as expected providing value to our customers. This relates mainly to personal data stored in MakeMyRoster application that will not work as expected without using your personal data mentioned in this policy.

4.2. To administer your or your organization relationship with us, namely payments processing, billing, accounting, billing, transactions and support activities.

4.3. For compliance with legal obligations (for example record keeping necessity), compliance screening or recording necessity.

4.4. To analyze our services/communication with you in order to improve.

4.5. To ensure the security and access to our premises, online platforms, IT systems, communication systems, websites and other systems is not violated. Also to prevent and detect security related threads, fraud and any other malicious or criminal actions.

4.6. To perform insurance related activities.

4.7. To effectively monitor and evaluate compliance with our standards and policies.

4.8. To comply with legal and/or regulatory obligations that includes interactions with regulatory, tax reporting and law enforcement bodies.

4.9. To answer a request from you or your organization or authorized Third Party Entity.

4.10. To communicate with you using channels you have agreed to be in use for purpose of informing you about actions you should take in MakeMyRoster application or actions taken in MakeMyRoster application by other members of your organization as per application information flow (eg. whenever you are expected to approve a request or whenever your request has been approved by someone else). Also to communicate with you regarding important information related to your participation in affiliate program (if applicable to you).

4.11. To communicate with you using channels you have agreed to be in use for purpose of keeping you up to date on recent changes in MakeMyRoster application, annoucements and other information about services we offer which may include newsletters, marketing materials and other information.

4.12. To comply with court orders and/or exercises, also to defend our legal rights.

4.13. For any other reason related to above purposes or related to other purposes for which your personal data have been provided to us.

5. Legal grounds of data processing

Depending on purpose of data processing we may process your personal data basing on one or more of legal grounds mentioned below:

5.1. Necessity to process your personal data to provide services for you or your organization (especially for MakeMyRoster application to run as expected bringing value to you and your organization) or to effectively cooperate with you as our affiliate.

5.2. Since processing is required to comply with our legal oblications (eg. to keep records for tax purposes).

5.3. Basing on your consent when you have given that to us.

5.4. Necessity to process your or your organization requests or to keep good performance of the contract between you or your organization and us.

5.5. Necessity to protect legal rights of ours, yours or others.

5.6. Necessity to protect our business agaist possible risks.

6. Will we share your personal data?

6.1. Transaction data, in that personal data, can be transferred for the benefit of PayLane Sp. z o.o. located in Gdańsk at Norwida 4, zip code: 80-280, KRS: 0000227278, on the terms that it will beneficial on in service connected to order payments.

6.2. In case you are our client or represent our client we may disclose your personal data to legal specialists, consultants or experts involved in your matter.

6.3. Whenever services provided to your organization require access to personal data of other members of your organization your personal data will be shared with other members of your organization (eg. when using roster application to track presence/absence records members of single organization can see each other records).

6.4. We may disclose your contact details basing on confidential agreement to third party entities in order to collect your feedback or to help us measure and improve our performance or to promote our services.

6.5. We may share your personal data with law enforcement authorities, courts and other parties in relation to legal or equitable claim.

6.6. We may instruct service providers (domestic or abroad) to process personal data on our behalf according to permitted purposes scope and following your legal basis defined. We will keep control over your personal data and will be fully responsible for your personal data putting in place right safeguards as required by applicable law to make sure your personal data are secured whenever such service providers are involved.

6.7. We may also build aggregated personal data reports to monitor website and application usage statistics for purpose of improve our website and services offered.

6.8. We will not use your personal data for any reason other than mentioned unless having your direct permission to do so.

7. Can you decline sharing personal data with us?

Your personal data are shared with us on a volontary basis so you may decide not to share it with us or withhold any consents you have given to us related to processing your data. There are however sittuations in which not having your consent for processing your personal data will result in us being unable to provide or to effectively provide services to you or your organization (eg. we cannot offer presence/absence management system to your organization without being able to process very basic personal data of employees such as email address and name) but also we won't be able to effectively cooperate with you as our affiliate.

8. How do we ensure you personal data are safe?

We are using technical and organizational measures to ensure your personal data are kept safe and confidential according to our internal policies and procedures related to storing, accessing and disclosuring personal data. Your personal data may be kept in our electronic systems, in the systems of our contractors as well as in paper files.

9. Other people personal data that we receive from you.

Whenever you provide us with other people personal data, for example your employees or subordinates, contacts or representatives, you must ensure first you are eligible to share that personal data to us so without taking any further steps we can store, process and disclose that data following principles defined in this policy. Especially you must ensure that individual the personal data you share with us is aware about principles described in this policy, who we are and how to contact us, the purpose of collecting the data, our disclosure rules and rights of the individual shared in this policy.

10. Abroad transfers of personal data.

Our organization is active across the world which means that we may transfer your personal data abroad if necessary to do so for permitted purposes. In some cases this may require transferring data to countries that do not offer the same protection level as the laws of your country (for example the data protection legislation of the EU/EEA).
Whenever we are making such transfers we will make sure that data are secured in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679) and/or other relevant data protection legislation.

11. How long your personal data are kept?

Your personal data are deleted once it's no longer needed for us to keep it for permitted purposes defined in this policy. We will also delete your personal data when we have kept them basing on your consent and such consent has been withdrawn. However we will keep your personal data for purpose of defending ourselves or making legal claims till the end of the period potential legal claims may be valid.

12. Your rights.

12.1. Following certain condtitions related to applicable legislation you have the right to:

12.1.1. Request a copy of the personal data which we possess about you.

12.1.2. Request to correct any inaccurrate data about you that are in our possession.

12.1.3. Oppose to processing your personal data or specify the scope of processing your personal data.

12.1.4. Submit a complaint if you are concerned regarding the way how are we handling your personal data.

12.2. To perform any of above actions contact us through communication channels specified in this policy. In some cases we may not be able to process your request without having a proof of your identity, eg. a copy of a valid form of identification. Having such proof will allow us to ensure your personal data are secured from unauthorized access and requests and that we comply with our security obligations.

12.3. Whenever your request is not reasonable or excessive we may charge you a reasonable fee to process it.

12.4. Whenever you submit a complaint we will respond promptly. In case you are not happy with our response, you have the right to submit a complaint to appropriate privacy regulator.

13. Corrections and updates to your personal data

13.1. Whenever your personal data shared with us have changed or whenever you believe our records related to your personal data are not accurate please contact us through communication channels defined in this policy.

14. Cookies.

14.1. We may use your device to store cookies for the purpose of providing better user experience for you on our websites and applications. Please check our Cookies Policy.

15. Contact.

15.1. UniTec is the owner of this site and applications mentioned in this policy.

15.2. If you would have any questions, comments or suggestions please send us an email to mailbox.

16. Changes in this Privacy Policy.

16.1. This Privacy Policy was last updated on 10 July 2019. We are allowed to update the content of this Privacy Policy whenever required to reflect the changes in our approach to processing personal data or to reflect changes in legal requirements. When the policy is updated we will post the new version on our website. Changes in policy will take effect as soon as new version is published on our website.

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